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Epileptoid crisis: diaphragmatic spasm

Report and analysis according to the system of the 5 Biological Laws of Nature (5BL, New Medicine, GNM, German New Medicine).
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After reading two detailed books, a double volume, I tried to analyze a symptom that had been recurring and disappearing regularly for decades. Parallel to this symptom, which was described separately, a respiratory impairment from the diaphragm program occurred again and again. The epileptoid crisis in the regeneration phase of this program was well endured - with the knowledge of the 5 Biological Laws of Nature: With this understanding, the necessary calmness and composure could be maintained.


I am sharing my experience with a diaphragmatic spasm and how I dealt with it, as well as the analysis according to the 5BN.
In April 2002 I first heard about the New Medicine in a positive way.
After reading two detailed books, a double volume, I tried to analyze a symptom which had been recurring and disappearing regularly for decades; this was already described elsewhere as "partial paralysis of the left leg".
After a longer reflection and search for an old life situation, which could be connected with this symptom, I found it with the help of the analysis of my nightmares. I could then look at this old experienced situation for me in a new way, insofar as I had probably judged a dramatic situation for me at that time from today's point of view completely wrongly!

I did not know yet that I had now brought several special programs into resolution. In the case of the muscle pain, it was only after a few weeks after becoming acquainted with the New Medicine of the 5BN, a few days after the diaphragmatic cramp, that I noticed that this impairment in movement no longer occurred and had not come back since then (more than 19 years, as of 2021).

I was in a very good mood in the weeks that followed because of the descriptions in the New Medicine books, which brought a completely new worldview for me. In retrospect, this good mood had nothing to do with conflict resolution: The old experience situation had already been dismissed as trivial without deeper meaning, and that had been exactly the solution situation.
Without now fully understanding the described system of New Medicine, I had at least understood the basic system of disease progression: There can be times with intense-strong body reactions and symptoms, which occur in a conflict-resolved phases, but are only of limited duration. This understanding may have been the most important thing I needed during the time of the epileptoid crisis itself to get through it well.

The Epileptoid Crisis
In May 2002, on a quiet afternoon on a Sunday, I was sitting alone in my living room reading a magazine.
The Epileptoid Crisis from the diaphragm muscles themselves began without warning.
All of a sudden there was a very, very intense continuous stabbing / cramping on inhalation, left and center in the lower half of the chest, making inhalation virtually impossible.
Since it immediately began to hurt violently even with a very, very shallow inhale, I then simply tried not breathing at all and holding my breath, expecting it to somehow calm down on its own. While holding my breath, I didn't feel any pain either.
I was not afraid from the beginning, but remained calm the whole time! I was well aware that I was now experiencing what the books called an epileptoid crisis.

After some time I tried again whether a slow, very shallow inhalation would be possible: It stung then already somewhat less violently, but still very strong! With this I was sure that the strongest moment was over, and slowly an improvement would occur.
It could have been two minutes, it could have been only half a minute: the time seemed very, very long to me here.
Breathing then slowly became possible, but better and better, until I could breathe completely normally again, with the pain gradually diminishing.
Later I got up from my sitting position and walked around the house.
The chest pain was felt in a much lighter and more bearable form but for much longer. It was not until a good 2 ½ hours later that I was completely pain free again.

I was already aware at that time that if I had not had the new knowledge, I would have been in full panic mode in that situation and the experience would probably have been somewhat different. This epileptoid crisis was then initially analyzed as myocardial infarction with diaphragmatic spasm and also published elsewhere under this title. It was only at a later time that I was able to clarify this anew and clearly assign it to the special program of the diaphragm muscles, both in terms of symptom and conflict. This also made the program understandable to me in connection with the earlier experiential situations where this was in progress. I recognized and understood the connection.

The program of the diaphragm musculature had been activated years ago as a result of muscle pain during certain movement situations on the left leg, and was also clearly noticeable for me due to the breathing problems with short held, faster breathing. At first, I just did not immediately recognize the connection between the symptom of the running program and the symptom of the epileptoid crisis; the understanding of the course of programs came much later.

When exactly the DHS was, I myself can no longer elicit. As long as I can remember, the symptom of bad breathing with wheezing was present when parallel in concrete situations no further or faster movement of legs was possible due to "pulling" of leg muscles:
After analysis according to the scheme of two-phase of the system of 5 biological laws of nature: conflict resolved phase, pcl-A phase from the diaphragm muscles after previous activation and resolution of the special program .
Biological perception (that means, there was no conscious perception!) still in the situation of walking uphill or cycling, that "breathing and breathing in the movement was working after all". That was the conflict solution in the situation. Then came the beginning of the second phase, the regeneration phase, pcl-A phase, with the functional impairment typical for this phase, hardly any movement of the diaphragm; fast, short breathing with panting.
With the solution of the conflict of the leg muscles, the activation of this program was also unnecessary: The solution for the special program of the diaphragm musculature had simply come along with the analysis and solution of the old conflict situation to the leg musculature (see further report).
I had never experienced an epileptoid crisis in this form before.
Today the special program is activated only briefly and is also quickly solved again ( = breathing problems due to the pcl phase), when I am in extreme situations, such as very steep mountain trails. I did not get rid of this track(s) in contrast to the track of the leg muscles. However, I have found a way for myself to consciously "work" on the concrete topic of getting air shortly before the onset of these situations, which I usually succeed in doing with a conscious thought and feeling: "I'm going to breathe this (meaning: this mountain section, this section of the path)".

Note: The case report was already published on the website of the Kopernikus e.V. association. (Benedikt Zeitner, Nicolas Barro).


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