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The project “Disease is Different” was launched in 2018 by Ingmar Marquardt with the freely available video series in german. What started as an individual project grew more and more through international support into a cooperative community project with many exciting sub-projects and thousands of hours of voluntary work (translation and creation in 16 languages, further practical parts, experience report archive, practitioner list, study circles, practical courses, children’s book, …).
This team page is intended to provide an overview of who has contributed to the project and in what form!


Producer: Ingmar Marquardt

My name is Ingmar Marquardt, I am 38 years old, married and the father of two children. I have both a diploma and a master’s degree in media computer science, and work as a project manager and developer, as well as a lecturer. I live in Germany.

In 2005, while in pursuit of my degrees, I fell ill with chronic, ever-increasing pain – first at the elbow, then at both wrists. This went on for years, and led to my introduction to our healthcare system, as I began my medical odyssey. I spent a lot of time in waiting rooms, for brief consults with several different doctors. Much money was earned studying my condition, which culminated in an unclear diagnosis, little meaningful help, and even less insight as to the cause of my pain.

At the time, I already had a basic understanding of the 5 biological laws of New Medicine, but thought, due to confusing presentations on the Internet and the literature at that time, that this discovery was only relevant to cancer. As early as 2003 we were able to leverage our understanding of the New Medicine to exert impressive control over a dramatic, familial cancer case in which the cause actually coincided exactly with the cause stated in the 5BN literature.

I was able to find my way out of my pain spiral after years of self imposed physical rehab. It was then I decided, after my experiences with conventional medicine, to take the responsibility for my health into my own hands. With the 5 Biological Laws of Nature, I already had a very promising trail, which I followed, hoping to put it to the test.

Over the next few years, I attended a one-day workshop, two one-week Naturnah seminars and basic courses 1-5 with Nicolas Barro. These offer a structured and quality-controlled training for therapists in Germany, inspired by the successful successful education system of the 5 Biological Laws of Nature in Italy. Here, I slowly became aware of the importance and scope of this discovery, and I realized along the way that with knowledge of the 5BN, a single, precise question would have sufficed to arrive at the root of my years of suffering – it was hard to miss, being so obvious.

I have been the Learning Group Leader of the 5BN in Wiesbaden since 2012, which is based on the training system of Nicolas Barro (in which I also participated in the lecturer courses). In the study group, we exchange experiences every month, examine specific cases, learn in theory and practice, and repeatedly test the 5 biological laws of nature.

Two public lectures on the subject followed as well as some volunteer “computer science activities”, such as the development of the eLearning module, co-development of the Q & A portal (which is now included in the german version of my website), webinar technology and more.

To this day, I regularly take part in webinars to deepen our understanding on a variety of topics – in addition to working on real practice cases.

For a long time I was bothered by the fact there was no good, free entry into the topic on the Internet. While bedridden for several days in 2016 with back pain (which I had known was coming for years because of my understanding of the 5BN), I had the idea for the introductory videos and created a rough script.

Due to the arrival of our second child, I waited until autumn 2017 before I dared to put the project into action on long winter evenings. I completed it in May of 2018 and hosted it on Youtube. I hope that it succeeds in attracting many more people to the topic and, above all, I hope that it helps remove entry stumbling blocks that unfortunately discourage its dissemination.

The series was so well received that, with the help of many volunteers, we were able to publish translations in 15 languages by 2022. The series of practice parts and the follow-up series “For Us Children” followed.

Subsequently, I wanted to focus more on practice and research, which is why, motivated by the successful resolution of several allergies in the family, the idea for the practice course “Resolving Allergies” was born. As of 2022, we have already been able to accompany more than 40 successful allergy resolutions. Other practice courses followed, but so far they are still in the testing phase.
In 2020, I had the good fortune to be invited to speak as a guest at the Glücksknirpse online congress on the topic of resolving allergies, as well as on the Lebensfroh podcast.

After the introductory series, the idea arose to also publish an introduction for children. After meeting the illustrator Bele Gröting in mid-2021, I wrote the 5BL children’s book “The Mystery of the cursed fleece”, which was beautifully illustrated by Bele and superbly edited by Elisabeth V. Strassert. After a Startnext crowdfunding campaign, it was published in December 2022 and has been available ever since, already translated in different languages.

If you wish to contact me, please use the contact form


Mark Hanley

Translator of the series “Disease is Different” and great support with many other english translations

My name is Mark Hanley. I am a retired American software engineer who grew up in Germany. My native language is English, which is how I came to be involved in Ingmar’s project as translator. I envy the viewer new to these ideas who will gain their introduction through this wonderful video series. My best advice is to hang on to your hat.

My initial exposure to Dr. Hamer’s research came as I was lying in bed with flu symptoms. I was too weak to walk but quite able to browse the internet. I cannot recall what serendipity led me to my first GNM article, but as I read it, I was fortunate to already be lying down. This, to me, was a major epiphany – I was stunned. Here was a rational, natural, cogent explanation of the cause of disease. Questions that baffled other medical modalities were answered with elegance and ease. It seemed too good to be true. In hindsight, after 35 years of layman’s interest in medical science and 4 years now of exploring this space, I recognize that whatever initial reluctant skepticism I still harbored was driven by the false indoctrination that Nature is error prone – thanks to Dr. Hamer I now clearly understand that she is most certainly not. For what it’s worth, I have not had a cold or flu since that fateful day.

I wrote a book exploring the search for the cause of disease, which of course includes Dr. Hamer’s brilliant insights and discoveries. I wrote it mainly to coalesce my thoughts on this subject, and to share them with my family. As there are few such books in English, I would now like to share them with you. The companion website to my book (http://acriticallookat.com) will direct you to where you may buy a copy. I wish you good health and happiness, and thank you for your interest and support.


Dr. Melissa Sell

Speaker of the series “Disease is Different”

Dr. Melissa Sell is a chiropractor who specializes in transformational mindset and health coaching based upon the principles of German New Medicine.

After over a decade of studying in the world of natural health and 5 years in active chiropractic practice, Dr. Melissa discovered the paradigm-shifting work of Dr. Hamer and it completely changed her approach to health and healing.

The more she studied GNM and incorporated it into her work the more impressed she was by both its diagnostic accuracy and its therapeutic power.

Dr. Melissa’s goal is to help at least one person, every day, overcome the fear of illness, understand how their body functions, and learn to harness the healing power of their mind.

To accomplish this goal she has created a YouTube channel with many educational videos, a free Self-Healing Support Group on Facebook, as well as a monthly membership program called Resolve.

The Resolve Community is a self-guided Biological Conflict Resolution resource center.

Every month there is a new, in-depth module addressing a specific kind of Conflict along with detailed strategies for downgrading, resolving, and preventing them.

Each module contains a video training, a notepack, a workbook with journal prompts and a guided meditation.

Each module is a self-contained whole that teaches you how to resolve and prevent Conflicts using Dr. Melissa’s unique approach to applying the principles of German New Medicine.

Through these resources and her private coaching services. Dr. Melissa is spreading the amazing paradigm of German New Medicine far and wide to help bring this pivotal information to the world, one individual at a time.

Website Information:


Andi Locke Mears, MA, CHHP, CWHE

Speaker of the series “About the motives of the unvaccinated”, proofreader of the 5BN children book “The mystery of the cursed fleece”

Andi has worked in the holistic, alternative field for over 30 years. She is a Traditional Naturopath, a Certified Whole Health Educator and has a Master’s degree in Peace & Humane Studies from the University of Maine.

Andi is dedicated to helping others awaken to the truth about their health, and has spent her entire career educating people about holistic healing methods. She has been a GNM/GHK teacher and consultant since 2009 and spent 3 years on a GNM/GHK International Team. She ran her own successful wellness center, CALM HealthWorks in Maine before shifting her attention to teaching GHK/GNM full time. Since 2017, she has taught thousands of people around the world both virtually and in-person.

Andi is a truly innovative and passionate woman. She is the founder of Bio HealthWorks Institute which offers dynamic courses for people trying to recover their health, as well as healthcare workers and practitioners who want to incorporate GNM/GHK with their patients and clients. In 2019, she co-founded the first professional organization for practitioners who use GHK/GNM with their clients.

Andi has been instrumental in expanding the gifts Dr. Hamer discovered to the English-speaking international community. She collaborates with colleagues around the world including overseeing the editing of Dr. Hamer’s original workshops into English, recording voice-overs for German & Italian videos, and more. She has also helped design, host, and present at the GHK Global Annual Summit.

Andi is an experienced educator and consultant with a passion for teaching this wonderful knowledge. She delights in seeing the lightbulbs go off as people gain a greater understanding and awareness of not only their physical health, but why they think, act, and feel the way they do.

To learn more about Andi and her work, please visit: www.andilockemears.com.


Francisco Martin

Translator and speaker of the spanish version

My name is Francisco Martín García, I’m from Spain.

I work on publishing books that spread the knowledge about the use of seawater for cooking and as a remedy all over the world. So far they are published in 6 languages (English, German, French, Russian, Italian and Spanish).

I studied the use of seawater as a remedy in Nicaragua at the invitation of Dr. Ilari, who promotes the medical use of seawater and the discoveries of Dr. Hamer in Nicaragua and Latin America. In Nicaragua there is a well-established system of free seawater distribution, supported by the government.

As a remedy, seawater is generally very powerful, with spectacular results in some cases. I believe that the use of seawater, like any other remedy, only makes sense after a correct understanding of the patient’s situation and the true nature of the disease (Dr. Hamer’s findings). In the past, seawater therapists have had failures, for example, when trying to “kill” Tuberculosis. Thanks to Hamer we know how to use seawater more effectively.

Thus, Dr. Hamer’s discoveries are like the foundation on which to build on, to apply seawater or other remedies. Of course, beneath this foundation must be the rock of our deepest convictions: who we are and what we are doing here. Like medical approaches (there are right and wrong ones), these questions have right and wrong answers. In my opinion, right answers are the best way to prevent DHS and to keep CA phases as short as possible.



Nadya Molchanova (Надежда Молчанова)

Translator of the russian website and practice parts, subtitles for “For us Children” as well as reviewer of the russian video series “Disease is Different”

First of all, I would like to thank Ingmar Marquardt for the project “Disease is Different”! I liked his animated video series so much that I initiated the translation into Russian in 2018. Ingmar – you are, I won’t be afraid of the word, a philanthropist and worthy of love and respect!

I was lucky that my introduction to Dr. Hamer’s system started not because of illness, but because I am simply inquisitive. It is a great advantage to study in a relaxed state of mind. It helps the information to be absorbed much more effectively.

Once I worked in a medical center (they “treated” people with signals, the method is based on quantum transfer of the spectrum of drugs to everyday things that people use). But even this innovation did not help definitively.
I always wanted to understand: why do people get sick?

And then in 2016, information about Dr. Hamer came to me! I immediately saw the integrity, logic and simplicity in it. My reaction was “how logical and simple it all is!” And for 7 years now, I have been immersed in the topic of Biological Laws. And I realized that they are not just about biology. They are the foundation of a truly human society!

After studying the Biological Laws, I became convinced of their diagnostic accuracy and therapeutic power as I was able to test them on myself, my loved ones, and the students in my two online courses. They are so called the “Biological Health Chart” and are based on Dr. Hamer’s Scientific Chart.

A medical degree is not necessary to understand, learn and apply Dr. Hamer’s Biological Laws to your life. Someone rightly said: the truth is simple.

I invite everyone who understands Russian to my telegram channel https://t.me/HamerGNM/33

P.S.: Nadya is also the editor of the translations of Caroline Marcolin’s GNM material


Marja Nieuwveld

Translator & speaker of the miniseries, the brochure and the children book in dutch

As an Aquarius, I was born in Rotterdam on 22 January 1970. My two big breadcrumbs on my journey to freedom where Pranic Living & the Bio-logical laws of Nature, which I studied at Biologika Nederland.
As I feel it as my mission to help spread the word about this healthy view on disease & the flow of pranic living, I try to connect the bio-logical & breatharian world in the Dutch-, German- and English-speaking countries with lectures, festivals and books. My latest book, which I wrote together with Stefaan Meus, “The Wave” is about the Bio-logical Laws of Nature and our wonderful microbes.
The aim of The Wave is to close the gap between science and spirituality. It fuses medical, energetic, spiritual and bio-logical perspectives and transforms fear into confidence. The Wave is an information platform on the Bio-logical Laws of Nature with free introductory films, the mini-series, a brochure and several books on the topic.
I spend most of my summers in Rotterdam, where I have created a little paradise on earth. During winter, I retreat to my beloved Swiss mountain, surrounded by crystal-clear snow and sparkling water springs. Enjoying life, I discover the world through the eyes of a child and play with the fascinating quantum field, while guiding people to food freedom and inspire to pull the root of fear out of our dual thinking.



Linda Cloete

Translator of the dutch testimonials, proofreader of the dutch version of the 5BN Children book and brochure

My name is Linda Cloete, I was born in The Hague in the Netherlands.
Trained as a medical microbiological technician, I got fully submerged in the world of Louis Pasteur and his germ theory.
I had worked in the bacteriology for 5 years, when I met the love of my life and moved to South Africa. Together we worked as safari lodgemanagers in southern Africa´s stunning nature reserves for 10 years, untill our daughter enriched our lives. With her education and social development in mind, we left the bush and moved (back) to Europe into the rat race. Another 5 years in the Dutch microbiological laboratory followed and then we found this nice little guesthouse in the Thuringian Forest in Germany.

We moved here in 2018 and had 2 wonderful years of offering our nature loving guests unforgettable holidays in the beautiful surroundings. Unfortunately, in 2020 a spanner was thrown in the works…. Tourism got prohibited and there we were, without guests, with lots of time on our hands. Self study time! Not trusting the narrative about a new dangerous virus from the very first moment, we dove into one rabbithole after another. And so the New Medicine’s 5 Biological Laws of Nature crossed our path one day. Fascinated from the first few lines, all the cells in my body screamed that this was the truth. I realized how funny it was, that I had always regarded bacteria and fungi as little collegues rather than enemies! Some time later I stumbled upon the book Der geheimnisvolle Fell-Fluch and my 12-year old daughter and I decided to help with the Dutch translation. We had a lot of fun and learned even more. Still I get better insights and understanding in the 5BN daily, simply by observing life and by reading and translating case studies.

Whoever is open to it, I tell about Dr. Hamer and his (re)discovery of the 5 Biological Laws of Nature. It is so liberating from the fear of dangerous little beasties!


Maksym Krekoten

Co-Translator of the ukrainian version of the series “Disease is Different”

My name is Maksym Krekoten. I am Ukrainian, 41 years old, married and have 2 children. I have a degree in computer science and work as software engineer.
My mother was a pharmacist and we always had tons of different pills at home to aid any case. After the graduation from the university I’ve started my own path in pursue for health without the pills. 1st of all I wanted to get rid of always present psoriasis.
Goltis and his “Healing impulse” (Исцеляющий импульс) appeared right in time 🙂 The system contains recommendations on how to live a healthy life, nutrition, therapeutic fasting and a set of exercises you have to do almost every day.
In parallel there were some books on psychology and some smaller things.
In a few years I’ve found a great yoga teacher (Iljnska Iryna Viktorivna) and started to attend her classes. It was a great time – I’ve studied near 10 years – it was fun, interesting and exiting. During that time I’ve also acquired some experience by eating only fresh non-cooked fruits, vegetables and nuts for half a year.
During all that time I’ve got my own insights and experience about how you can influence some diseases with just a change of the way of how you think. Diet and physical exercises were helpful but not enough.
In the end of 2023 from a few different sources at once came an information about Doctor Vasyl Chaika and the Higher School of Health (https://healthschool.space). I’ve watched a lot of videos on Youtube from his(https://www.youtube.com/@VasylChaika) and from school’s(https://www.youtube.com/@highschoolofhealth) channels (actually – Vasyl Chaika is the main speaker of most videos on both channels). There I’ve found confirmations about what I already know – meaningfully explained and substantiated. Due to my previous life experience I was able to try some things right away and get results almost immediately – for ex. getting rid from otitis in 15 mins. which I’ve already had for 6 months at that moment.
I’ve took a course for myself and will finish it soon. There in of the lessons were links to the videos Ingmar has created put tons of efforts to bring it all live. Since there were no ukrainian translation I’ve decided to add one. Ingmar notified me that 2 persons already started working on it – Tetyana and Lika.
Together we finished translating main videos to ukrainian language. I hope visitors from Ukraine will enjoy our work while getting acquainted with the studies of Doctor Hamer which already helped a lot of people to live a healthy life.


Tetiana Siver

Co-Translator of the ukrainian version of the series “Disease is Different”

My name is Tetiana Siver, Ukrainian. I am a psychologist, psychosomatologist.
I have a master’s degree in psychology. The main direction in my work is psychosomatics.
I am married and have two children.
Actually, I’ve found Dr. Hamer’s research due to illnesses of my children.
I would like to find an answer why my 3-month-old son had obstructive bronchitis.
I’ve started my own research and study. There were PSY 2.0 school, Recall Healing International Institute, the French school of Christian Fleche represented by K. Doman, etc.
Now my son is 9 years old. I’ve found the cause of his illness thanks to 5BN and Recall healing method.
Today I help other to find the answer: ‘why a disease is the best solution of their brain to resolve the conflict”. I look at any symptom from the perspective of psychology and biology. Disease is the best way for the human body to adapt to certain conditions.
I help to turn the language of illness into a conscious and understandable message for a person.
The series of videos that Ingmar has published were a godsend for me. I sent it my clients to understand better what’s going on.
In 2022 I felt the intention to translate videos to Ukrainian. So the process of translation has started. There were a lot of challenges in my life during last years. But anyway, today I am really happy that translations are done.
Thanks Maksym and Lika for collaboration.
I hope that more people in my country will expand their vision of life and what the disease really is.


Anzhelika Vakal

Speaker of the ukrainian version of the series “Disease is Different”

My name is Anzhelika Vakal, I am a professional speaker, consulting astropsychologist, former journalist and documentary film director, and organizer of educational events. I live and work in Kyiv, Ukraine.
I have a creative degree, many seminars and trainings in psychotherapy and psychosomatics, a school of astrology, and am currently completing my second degree – I am finishing my master’s degree in psychology.
I have been interested in medicine and health since the very beginning of my career. Immediately after graduating from school, I entered a competition to work on television, completed an internship, and then got a job at a well-known Ukrainian production studio. Among other things, I worked there as a director and announcer in two medical programs, and also hosted my own psychological program. Later, with the support of the UN Children’s Fund Unicef, I made several more films about iodine deficiency and other pressing health issues.
Once I was shooting an announcement video for an astropsychologist with whom I had been working for many years about the opening of his school, and he unexpectedly offered me to become its organizer at the same time, because he had seen that I had organized charity events for children before and had experience and inspiration.
Thus, I became the organizer of the school of astropsychologist Andrii Chistiakov and took all the courses myself, several times, as we had several streams of people. In the process, people began to turn to me for advice, and after my cooperation and training in this project ended, I already had a new job, which almost replaced journalism, because my energy went in a new direction.
At the same time, I was approached by another person who offered me to become her organizer of a psychosomatic course. Thus, I was the organizer for about three years and studied at the Psychosomatics on the Fingers School of psychologist Ksenia Doman. Most of the course was based on Dr Hamer’s method. That’s how I learnt about the new Germanic medicine.
My attitude to life and health changed significantly because I saw how well it worked. I used to try to do without medication and really disliked being sick, but since then I have received a powerful tool to help me in this matter.
I also now use this knowledge in consultations.
And recently, Tetiana approached me with a proposal to dub the videos on this website in Ukrainian. I gladly agreed and am very happy that the project has come to life and Ukrainians will be able to learn such valuable and useful information in an easy-to-use game form.
I would like to thank everyone involved for their cooperation, and I wish the viewers a pleasant and beneficial viewing experience!


Monique Hetfeld

Translator of most of the german case studies into english

Hi my name is Monique and I’m living in Germany. Since 2017 I’m really interested in the topic of health. At the beginning I did several cures and attended some health workshops. I read a lot of books and was always curious to learn more about health and how the body is working. I’m fascinated about what is going on in the body since I was a child. Because of some circumstances in my family, I was in contact with the topic of illness since my birth. That was an imprinting time for me.
In the last years the idea that everything have to have a reason came more and more into my mind. Then in 2021 I incidentally came across the 5BN for the first time. It was interesting for me but my focus was somewhere else during this year. So in 2022 I came across the 5BN again but in that time it totally got me. I was fascinated from the beginning. Because I’m always critical and want to proof everything by myself, I observed my bodys symptoms accurate and made notes. Everytime I got symptoms I checked the 5BN and it was always amazing how accurate the body is working and how exactly the 5BN are.

I’m very grateful that this precious knowledge came across my way and I want to take action to help spreading this knowledge. That’s why I’m supporting Ingmars precious project and translate the german case studies into english.


And many more…

… who have not yet sent their background information

5 Biological Laws of Nature

German New Medicine, Germanic New Medicine, Dr. Hamer, 5BN, GNM, 5BL, 5 Natural Laws of Biology

On this page you will find an introductory video series on the New Medicine’s 5 Natural Laws of Biology (5BN), which are also known as German New Medicine (GNM).
The biological laws were discovered by Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer.