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Partial paralysis of the left leg

Report and analysis according to the system of the 5 Biological Laws of Nature (5BL, New Medicine, GNM, German New Medicine).
2021-06-23 19:40:26
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Monika Anzenberger
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Gender Female
Handedness Right
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During sporting activities such as cycling and mountain hiking as well as climbing stairs over several floors; i.e. when lifting the legs was necessary: After a short time or a few minutes, shortness of breath with rapid, briefly held breaths and a "pulling" of the muscles in the left thigh.


During sporting activities such as cycling and mountain hiking as well as climbing stairs over several floors; i.e. when lifting the legs was necessary: After a short time or a few minutes, shortness of breath with rapid, briefly held breaths and a "pulling" of the muscles in the left thigh. The shortness of breath was more noticeable, so the problem with the musculature received less attention. Any sporting activity could therefore only be performed to a limited extent or only with breaks. The problem did not exist in the case of sporting activities on the plain: walks on flat terrain were possible for hours without any problems.
(Note: The "shortness of breath" is described in a separate report on the program of the diaphragm).

After more than thirty years with the "lack of athletic condition" I got to know the model of the five biological laws of nature in 2002 via the double volume "Legacy of New Medicine". The description of the course of diseases as a system of two phases seemed logical; more decisive were the statements than that the system does not need to be believed but can be understood by itself as well as the statements about the activity of microbes. Only these statements at the beginning of the book made the system so interesting to read further and to read the two volumes several times!

During the second reading, the report on so-called "partial paralysis" was seen as an interesting possibility to investigate further on one's own problem with the leg. In principle only with an inaccurate understanding of the scheme of biphasicity, where at the beginning there should be a conflicting shock moment in a life situation, I looked for a situation in my past where the left leg must have been "involved" in some way. This situation was not found at first.
But remembering the early nightmares of childhood, I remembered that the primary situation in the nightmares was wanting to run away from an imminent and coming danger, but this was not possible. The legs could not be moved. The "pulling" in the thigh of the left leg was in the dream in the same way as it was experienced in real in the sporting situations.
After more detailed analysis also of other situations of the nightmares, and knowing the family situation at that time, came the decisive realization that as a child I had probably completely misunderstood a situation and there had never been any danger for myself.
This realization of the situation at that time was very clearly clear and completely without doubt, in the feeling deeply so from head and belly, and not only superficially felt. - There was nothing more here and yet this had brought the end of the conflicts, the resolution of the conflicts of two programs.

A few weeks later I had an epi-crisis in the form of a diaphragm spasm (note: described in the second report). Three days later I noticed that the problem with the "lack of physical fitness" no longer existed: That moment, a super moment, when, walking up the stairs between the 2nd and 3rd floors, I noticed that the symptoms didn't appear this time. Normally these had already occurred on the stairs at the 1st floor at the latest - but now there was nothing already one floor higher: no pulling of the leg muscles, which made it impossible to raise the leg again; and no shortness of breath with wheezing. That was the moment when I asked myself the question and at the same time realized that I had now proven the system to myself. In the following weeks, this was first checked using the home trainer and confirmed to me again. Cycling, mountain hikes, climbing stairs are now possible without any problems and for years there has been no "pulling" of the muscles.
The breathing problems, a reaction of the diaphragm, still occur occasionally during very steep mountain sections.

Analysis according to 5 biological laws of nature:

The "pulling" in the thigh later presented itself as muscle slackening in a conflict-relieved phase, and this from the trophism of the musculature, controlled from the medullary camp.

In principle, activation of the musculature, a not-being-good, not-performing-enough, or self-esteem collapse in relation to the leg activity at the beginning of sports with quickly following resolution, because it worked after all, and beginning of the conflict-resolved phase.
In childhood a situation must have happened where I wanted to run away but could not because the left leg was disabled in some way. The assumption is that I was carried as a child at that time and wanted to push away or support myself with my leg. The memory of this situation is completely missing; the ultimately successful analysis was only possible with the help of the memory and analysis of my nightmares, which occurred repeatedly in a similar manner from childhood....
The breathing problems came about as a consequential conflict of the diaphragm in sporting situations because of the problems with leg activity. Activation at the beginning of the sporting activity of "not-breathing" and conflict resolution with muscle relaxation of the diaphragm. The diaphragm spasm after the conflict resolution was clearly felt; however, this splint was not completely resolved and still comes out today on a case-by-case basis.

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