Report: Eczema / Neurodermatitis

Report: Eczema / Neurodermatitis

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Since childhood, the affected woman has repeatedly suffered from severe unpleasant painful and itchy reddenings of the skin, and in this context, received various diagnoses such as eczema, neurodermatitis, allergy to wool / dyes / chlorine / sun, …

The first severe rashes occurred at the age of 4-6 years, followed by periods without skin symptoms and phases with differing degrees of rashes. It was especially unpleasant in her young adulthood; However, the symptoms continued to appear in phases repeatedly until the age of 33. In almost every case, only the insides were affected, either the insides of the arms (especially the crooks of the arms) and / or the insides of the legs (thighs, sometimes back of the knee), and every now and then, her cleavage.

Shortly after her 33rd birthday she got a very severe rash within the course of a day. Also, this time the symptoms were very prominent and included the inside of the arms, legs and, for the first time, the abdominal region.

The skin was covered with a red rash, hurt and began to itch terribly after a few days. This lasted several weeks.

These symptoms are part of the SBS of the outer skin layer (epidermis). It reacts to a conflictively-perceived contact separation, a so-called “separation conflict”. The localization of the inside of the body shows that it is about clinging / clasping, so a wanted contact that has been torn off. In the conflict-active phase there is ulcera (cell reduction) and reduced sensitivity, which usually goes unnoticed. In the conflict-resolved phase, inflammation occurs and is required for the reconstruction of the cells. Since the skin is additionally hypersensitive in this phase, this process can be very painful.

So in this woman’s life, since her childhood, there must have been recurrent separation situations – and also solution situations during the times of strong recurrent symptoms.

The strong symptoms shortly after her 33rd birthday must have been preceded by a particularly strong solution.

On this question she answered: “Oh …, yes there was something … but I can not tell you more about this yet”.

A month later, she dissolved the mystery: on the morning of the day when the reddening of her skin began, her then boyfriend and present-day husband had proposed marriage to her. Since this was a “secret” for some weeks, she could only talk about it a month later.

The marriage proposal was the final solution to a series of separation recurrences she had experienced in past relationships and on which she reacted with the skin SBS. As a wedding is the greatest mutual assurance that you want to spend the rest of your life together, it is not surprising that these recurrences have come to an end.

To this day, over four years after the marriage proposal, there have been no further rashes.

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