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Six other resolved allergies: apple, alcohol, 2 x milk protein, dust, fat, cat hairs

Report and analysis according to the system of the 5 Biological Laws of Nature (5BL, New Medicine, GNM, German New Medicine).
2021-09-07 14:53:09
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These are the testimonials (in brief) about the next six successfully resolved allergies of the participants of our practice course "Resolving Allergies". The reports are available as text and video (the video is in german, but has english subtitles).


These are the testimonials (in brief) about the next six successfully resolved allergies of the participants of our practice course "Resolving Allergies". The reports are available as text and video (the video is in german, but has english subtitles).

Case 14 and 15 - Apple allergy and alcohol allergy

The young woman, in her early 30s, had been allergic to apples and alcohol for 15-20 years, although she also reacted to other fruits to a greater or lesser degree.

The symptoms were itching of the palate and gums and swelling of the lips.

The lip symptomatology is very specific and helpful in the search for the cause, because the associated Meaningful Biological Special Program is on the one hand about the fact that one cannot or is not allowed to formulate/express/articulate something correctly, and on the other hand about the contact, i.e. the contact or break-off of contact at this point. So e.g. with the desired or unwanted kissing, but also the contact to something which one feels as harmful.

So there must have been a dramatic or serious situation before the allergy started, in which she had eaten fruit (and possibly alcohol) and which, for example,  

So I associate with it e.g. such "youth games" as "choice, truth or duty", a first date etc., where it must then have come to a correspondingly bad situation....

When she read our questions on the search for causes, she almost fell off her chair in shock, as she reported, because she immediately remembered a situation 15 years ago that corresponded exactly to the questions we had asked her!

And the memory was even so bad that she immediately stopped the exercise, closed the laptop and had to recover first!

Already in the course of the course, her symptoms have greatly diminished due to the new understanding of the mechniasms and the example of another apple allergy, and have completely disappeared with the final resolution experiment.

The experiments carried out are all about making it clear to oneself and the subconscious that the causal situation of the past can no longer exist today - and that the types of emotional sensations and conflict contents of that time are also no longer present here and now when the experiment is carried out, so that the organism can break the old link to the danger of that time.

The alcohol allergy also disappeared at the same time, since it probably arose in the same causative situation. Thus, she can now happily eat fruit again, drink wine, etc. and has no more burdensome restrictions!


Case 16 - Milk protein intolerance

Let's move on to the next case, which is a milk protein intolerance. This case involves Sophia, who is now 5 years old. She has - or had, it has to be said now, it's gone now - an allergy to dairy products, or to everything that contains milk protein, e.g. in snacks, jelly bears, bread, pasta, all ready-made meals, .... Yes, she had an allergy to it, and it got worse and worse over time, so that in the end, even all foods with traces of it in them, she got her symptoms.

And the thing is that it all started when she was getting used to kindergarten. After that she was constantly sick. The whole thing went on for about 1 year, then the mother came up with the idea of leaving out products that contain milk protein - and after that the symptoms decreased significantly. So the mother realized that there must be a milk protein intolerance and found out how to solve it - and she came across our cure and took it for her daughter.

The daughter was at the age of 2 years almost constantly sick, with severe symptoms: Cough hoarseness, bronchitis, also swelling lips - probably because she did not want to have contact with certain foods - we have shortness of breath on the list, and also very often fever up to 40 degrees. You can imagine how the daughter and mother must have been for a year - that's quite something!

If you look at the whole thing from the point of view of the 5 laws of nature, then we already know from the symptoms, that there is a fear of fright / fear of revenge somewhere in the game - that's why the larynx and bronchial mucosa is affected. And there must have been the unwanted contact already mentioned by me, probably with food, at the lip, that I did not want to eat something. All of that plays into it.

At that age, the memories are such a thing. During the first attempts it turned out that Sofia had no memory of what happened in the kindergarten in the early days. So the mother had to come up with some ideas. She asked a lot of questions, played a detective game, explained to her daughter that there is an alarm link in her body - with milk! So she did a lot of things that made her feel safe to do the experiment.

To do this, they went to the kindergarten of that time, then stayed there longer and talked about earlier. Made clear to the daughter that she is now twice as old, can articulate better, the danger no longer exists - and her body at that time something messed up and thought that the milk must have had something to do with the bad situation. Yes, and somehow Sofia understood it all, because the experiment worked! And afterwards she ate all sorts of things again crosswise without getting any symptoms.

And we even got a picture of the two of them - and we would like to show it now, so that you know who we are actually talking about here.

Yes, and what you also have to say is that when the daughter ate everything again, the mother was a little skeptical as to whether it wasn't all a strange coincidence and whether it would really stay that way. And has said: We wait first before publication. In the meantime, a year has passed, her daughter is perfectly healthy, you may publish this case - which we have done with great pleasure!

Yes, and it is especially nice to see that it also works with such small children, who may not even be aware of the experiment. But if you do it as a parent so skillfully as here, that the children actually have no problem to understand it already: "Ah, there is no more danger. For such and such a reason, my body has linked it. But it's no longer there - so I can eat it now." And that works - at least in this case, and certainly in many other cases as well!


Case 17 - Fat intolerance

In the last video we already presented Bastian's experience report on his successfully resolved pollen and dust allergy.

He applied his knowledge of how to resolve allergies to his fat intolerance and here we would like to let him have his say first:

Yes hello, today I would like to share an experience report regarding a fat intolerance I had. It's about the course "Resolving Allergies" and yes, the most important thing again beforehand: I was able to say goodbye and separate from my fat intolerance from one meal to the next. What was the background there? In a video in the course the example of an apple allergy is explained. The course instructors describe here how the apple allergy came about in this example and why there the person got symptoms with the digestive tract. Diarrhea I think, to be exact. So it's about, the person eats an apple and gets diarrhea as a result - why is that? And it was said that this is related to a disgust that one once suffered when consuming a product with apples.

This was triggered by the fact that there were worms in the apples - and you ate that, noticed it, felt it was super disgusting and horrible - and therefore the body now shows this rejection reaction, which manifests itself in the form of diarrhea. So, that was the basis - and I thought to myself, Hmm, interesting, I know this when I eat large amounts of fat - this kind of intolerance, getting diarrhea, the digestive symptoms. So I thought it would be interesting if that had the same cause in me, that is, if that was due to disgust.

And yes, then I did the experiment and did the steps that were also explained in their example with the apple allergy. For example, that one makes oneself aware - with the apple now - that there is no worm in this apple now. By looking at it, by examining it, by cutting it open piece by piece and seeing: No, this apple is flawless, there is no worm inside, so there is no reason for the body to reject it. And I did the same thing with the fat. So first of all I was thinking if this could be theoretically possible. I was looking for a situation in my past where I might have been disgusted by a fat.“

As he describes in the report afterwards, he suspects the cause in a situation where he ate a soup with a 2cm layer of fat on top, although he was actually disgusted by it and it seemed harmful to him. So this link between a lot of fat and the conflict content "I have something harmful in my digestive tract" could have been established here.

By the way, when searching for the cause, it doesn't have to be the fat itself that disgusted you; it can also be another situation in which you absolutely have to get rid of something abstractly or really harmful/dangerous/disgusting, where the fat was only present as an accompanying circumstance and was linked. But here it was the fat itself.

He also beautifully describes his dissolving experiment, where he realizes that today he eats and ingests the fat quite consciously, so he is sure that this will not harm him. Which then successfully resolved the allergy.


Case 18 - Cat hair allergy

Yes, then we come to the next case, and that is a cat hair allergy - and we also stay with Bastian, because he also had a cat hair allergy. The emphasis is on "had", this is in this case his third allergy, and he has just in the course of the course also resolved in the twinkling of an eye.

It's worth mentioning that he had the allergy for 15 years. And we have also received a video about it from him, so we will let him speak for himself:

I had a third topic, which has occupied me very much, or which has cut me in my life strongly - and that was a cat hair allergy. Because people have cats at home all the time. Yes, one thing first, as in my other videos: I got rid of my allergy within a few days, or practically from one visit to the next. What were my symptoms? So for several years, probably about 15 years, I have had a severe cat hair allergy. It manifests itself in the form of rhinitis, in the form of itching in my face - more or less in any place where I come into contact with the cat hair or touch myself afterwards. Increased of course in the eyes and the nose area, but it was also not uncommon that the legs itched when I scratched there. What sounds so easy now is much worse, so the cold in particular is very stressful, the nose has been totally congested, stuffy, swollen, clotted. No kind of medicine has helped of course I haven't tried everything, but the classic nasal sprays haven't helped - and the symptoms have continued for several hours afterwards. So it was more or less not possible to spend quality time in the presence of a cat. Then I booked this course - primarily because of my pollen allergy and my dust allergy, because those were my main symptoms and because I had that all year round. And cats - I probably could have lived with that. But, as it happened, while I was in the process of resolving my other allergies, which also affected the respiratory tract and nasal mucosa, etc., my cat hair allergy went away at the same time.“

Yes, interesting is now already here: If he had had the same symptoms as with the dust allergy, then he should have reacted in general to every tickling in the nose caused by dust, pollen and animal hair. But he didn't, because in this case there was still a skin symptom.

And this shows that at that time there must have been another, own nuance in the trigger. Yes, and Bastian had the sitaution here, as we had it similarly already with another case, that he could simply alleviate the symptoms during the course or even resolved it before he came to the experiment.

The reason for this was that he had been thinking about everything practically the whole time, about this completely new way of looking at medicine, health, and the connections. He had an assumption of a causal situation. He was thinking about it all the time - and probably in combination with the dissolution of the dust allergy, which was very similar, so he - we assume - just decoupled and dissolved this cat hair allergy.

So, as mentioned, he did not do an experiment, but there was a situation where he could try it out with a cat by chance. And there were no more symptoms and so it was clear that the topic was off the table. Yes, that's how it has to be, right? One can only say: Congratulations, great job - and many thanks for this report!


Case 19 - Milk protein intolerance and dust allergy

This case is about a milk protein intolerance in a 9-year-old girl as well as a simultaneous dust allergy with identical symptoms, e.g. when smelling dust in the garage and especially in felled trees in the forest.

This had existed for 4-5 years, since the last year of kindergarten in the forest kindergarten.

The symptoms of both allergies were mucus formation in the throat and nose with protracted rhinitis - and in the case of the dust or sawdust additionally breathing difficulties.

So we were looking for a situation where sawdust was present and she had ingested something with dairy products.

And in which she was suddenly frightened or scared, so there was a particularly threatening situation for her.

The causal situation was the following:

Young people set fire to the forest stage in the forest kindergarten (in the evening, when no one was there anymore), which she found very very bad the next day.

She was really shocked about it and it caused great fear in her - what if the forest, the animals, her kindergarten had burned down?

Whether she just ate a cheese sandwich during this shock we don't know, but in some way during the time of this shock/threat the link must have been made. Also at that time larger forest work took place in this area of the forest, so that this way the sawdust could have been linked.

To resolve the allergy, they went back to the spot, talked about it and realized that the situation and the danger are long gone.

And the sawdust in the forest at that time, as well as their picnic at that time had nothing to do with the situation.

They ate a cheese sandwich and chocolate with pleasure and the allergy disappeared. A few times there was still a little mucus in the throat, which then disappeared completely step by step.

So the moral of the story: eat chocolate... 🙂

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