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Thyroid tumor due to lung cancer

Report and analysis according to the system of the 5 Biological Laws of Nature (5BL, New Medicine, GNM, German New Medicine).
2023-08-26 21:45:25
Report by:
Frank Schwerdtfeger
The report is about About a client / patient of me
Gender Male
Age 72 years (at the time of the symptoms / disease)
Handedness Right
Additional methods


This case describes the healing of an already advanced thyroid tumor with the conventional medical diagnosis: death.... and the resulting lung cancer. Which we have also got under control.


"... go home and sort out your circumstances." These were the words my 77-year-old patient heard after the 15th unsuccessful radiation treatment of his thyroid gland. "We can't help you anymore, if we irradiate you again, you'll be left lying on the table" (and mess up our statistics, author's note)

The year is 2020 in the humid month of February. I sit on the school bench of the alternative practitioner school and try to somehow beat the conventional medical nonsense into my head. My adorable half-year-old neighbor asked me if I could help, as her roommate's father had just heard the text above.

Now time is of the essence! Let's get started.

During the house visit of Grandpa O. (name changed) a deeply shattered man of desolate AZ, EZ presents himself to me. The 7.8cm thyroid tumor on the left is already laying the trachea and every bite of food is painful due to the radiation. Sleeping only works by the hour. Nevertheless, a ray of hope, because we were able to narrow down the beginning of this story of suffering almost exactly in time. For the connoisseurs among us: Thyroidea left - not having been fast enough to get rid of an unwanted lump, diagnosis of cancer, at the latest with the announcement "we can no longer help you" - conflict shock of the fear of death. So I began to ask about bad events before the period of the so-called "illness". We can safely assume that there are 2 to 3 months between the conflict and the first symptoms, which further limits the period to be asked. After a bit of a start-up time in understanding biological thinking, it came. The car accident.
And now be careful! Don't ask leading questions! So I let Grandpa O. tell me how it came about. He was driving on the right of way and a small car (Ford Corsa or something) shot out of a gate exit and Grandpa didn't manage to turn the steering wheel fast enough to prevent the accident. When he told this, he always slapped his forehead and said what an incompetent driver he was. (Author's note, with me the others are always to blame, so you get less conflicts yourself!) But still, only step 1 is done, now comes the harder part. I didn't have the hope that the solution would come through pure recognition of the conflict, Grandpa O. was too weak for that.
That was a good reason for a trip... We drove my car to the scene of the accident. I stood in the middle of our lane with hazard lights, ignored the honking concert, gave appropriate finger signals in response and was able to recreate the accident situation with my patient as follows. We walked the track side by side, he as the driver with the virtual steering wheel in his hand, I as the passenger. We heard the virtual car shooting up from the exit and shouted loudly: STOP! The causative virtual car stopped. Now some of you are probably wondering what this is all about. Or? I would like to illustrate this. The subconscious cannot distinguish between an image, an imaginary image, a dream, or the reality seen. So I tried to find a solution. Of course, it also helped that the insurance company had repaired grandpa's car in the meantime and even minor defects were eliminated on this bill.
So his beloved car was now in better condition than before. We then loudly drove the causative virtual car back, and then got back into my Kremser. I asked Grandpa to look behind him as we drove off and to let the remoteness out of his soul with every meter we drove away. Visibly exhausted, I took him to his daughter's apartment, who was caring for him. The next few days passed unspectacularly, he slept a lot and was exhausted. 4 weeks later there was a follow-up check in the hospital, and lo and behold, the tumor was no longer so big. The doctors were speechless and immediately stopped taking all the medications. I urged Grandpa O. not to tell me that a "charlatan"
like me is able to fathom the cause and on top of that can also initiate a cure. Thank you Dr. Hamer for this knowledge!!
Grandpa shut up and came home quickly. Now, however, I still had the suspicion of the fear of death conflict, which could actually have been resolved after this visit to the doctor. But who knows. Maybe there wasn't one at all, but I still prepared my grandpa (yes. "my grandpa", because he had already taken me to his heart) that if the conventional doctors X-ray the thorax as planned, they could find something in the lungs and say the "K" word again. And rightly so. At one of the follow-up examinations, the time had come, small cell lung carcinoma, or maybe it was lung tumor or lung cancer what they brought to him. I don't remember exactly. Moderately to not at all shocked by this diagnosis, we discussed the new situation. He has been an athlete all his life, has raced his bike and never smoked. That was my cue.
I put a pulse oxi on him and me, and we took 5 deep breaths in and out. The oxygen saturation in the blood must increase by at least 1-2%, even in the short time of breathing exercises. In his case, it even increased by 3%. With this I had no more trouble explaining that the lungs are OK, and since the thyroid tumor is in healing, there is no longer any danger to life. He also understood the coughing fits with sputum (healing phase) that were now occurring well and was no longer afraid at all.

From now on, I got a proper cuddle attack with kisses left and right for every greeting and farewell...


Report translated by: Monique Hetfeld

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