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Acute neck pain (example of almost casual resolution of a stronger conflict that has been down-transformed for months).

Report and analysis according to the system of the 5 Biological Laws of Nature (5BL, New Medicine, GNM, German New Medicine).
The report is about Me
Gender Male
Age 39 years (at the time of the symptoms / disease)
Handedness Right
Additional methods
Categories Observation of several similar SBS runs, e.g. multiple identical PCL phases (thereby validation of the cause)
Small to medium (sore throat, lumbago, sudden hearing loss, allergies, ...)


Everyone who has a little to do with the 5BN/GNM knows this: You ask the person affected whether a solution / a relief was perceived shortly before the onset of PCLA symptoms and the answer is first: "There was nothing". For this I could make an interesting observation with myself: ...


Everyone who has a little to do with the 5BN knows this: You ask the person affected whether a solution / a relief was perceived shortly before the onset of PCLA symptoms and the answer is first: "There was nothing". For this I could make an interesting observation with myself:

On first of August, 2023, at 4 o'clock in the morning in bed, I changed my position a bit by lifting my body with pressure on the neck to lift it a bit to the side. This pressure suddenly caused a sharp pain/sting in my neck, so I couldn't sleep from then on.
Of course, the "normal" explanation that I simply made an awkward movement makes little sense because I usually do this type of position change every night without experiencing symptoms. I.e. it must have been the beginning of the PCLA phase of tissue in the neck in the hours before, so that there was an incipient inflammation/swelling that I had not registered during sleep until then, but which was then massively irritated by the pressure on the regenerating tissue (I have had the same nocturnal stitch-like onset in other parts of the spine with other special programs).
The pain then got worse and worse during the day, so that the following night I was even almost unable to sleep.

The conflict content in the middle/upper neck area is, after all, a so-called "intellectual self-devaluation conflict", biologically more precise: "I can't lift my head high enough to discover the solution" (imagine an ostrich bird lifting its head high). Since it was left and I am right handed, it was my mother/child side. I've had the symptom the last 8 years in relatively weak already a few times when I couldn't find a solution for something in relation to the kids and then solve this after all.
When I thought about what happened the night before the symptom started, which would be a solution in this regard, my answer to myself was first: "There was nothing". It would have had to be already something more striking, which occupied me more intensively, because the symptoms were quite already stronger!

The next day it suddenly occurred to me - the story is as follows:
Both of our sons were able to pee on the toilet shortly after birth (keyword "diaper-free" or "elimination communication"). But since we couldn't integrate it well into our daily routine, they both gradually unlearned it again after a few months, which made me extremely upset!
When our younger son was 5, he still needed a diaper at night and almost always wet himself and peed into the diaper. We tried all sorts of things, but nothing helped.
This situation was for me the associated self-devaluation conflict where I did not manage intellectually to find a solution for this problem (and especially also associated with all subsequent family problems that were attached to it, such as often sleepless nights, because he slept so restless and kept my wife awake, then irritable mood during the day, the many unnecessary garbage, ...). We even promised him a gift if we could save the diapers, although we usually focus on intrinsic motivation rather than external rewards - but here we made an exception, because it has burdened us so much for years.
At the beginning of 2023, we discussed with him that we would try out a nightly beeping device, which always gives an alarm signal as soon as he makes pee-pee, so that the subconscious immediately gets the feedback and stops this habit (because we were quite sure that it was primarily a habit, since it was simply too tedious for him to go to the toilet at night due to fatigue - and was not SBS-related).
And what can I say: It worked well! Although it was a month-long process where we used the beeping monitor, which was also very exhausting, because you also wake up again and again at night when the alarm goes off, but the phases without pee became longer and longer - nevertheless there was a relapse several times after 2 weeks of success. At the beginning of June 2023 the last phase began, which looked very successful. But because of the experienced relapses we were very skeptical. After another successful 2 weeks we stopped the beeping device and many more weeks passed successfully, so that we were already quite relieved psychologically - but a last doubt was still there because of the many failures, which is why it was not yet a conflict solution for me. Then this new condition quickly became a matter of course and it faded into the background, because our son's dry nights (no bedwetting) became normal. And the memory of his bedwetting became a distant memory.
At the end of July it became present again, because we had promised him a gift: So we said that when July is over, he has completely made it and then he can choose something on the first of August. And on the last day of September, during evening, we talked again briefly more or less incidentally about the fact that he has now made it and we will go to the store together tomorrow.

This short conversation in passing was now the solution to my conflict 🙂 The conversation was highly unspectacular, but only because the intensity had already been so strongly down-transformed for 2 months and the topic actually seemed to have been closed for a long time. Nevertheless, this was the decisive moment that brought the old, quite very stressful issue to a close!

For me it was again very instructive that for the conflict resolution not only strong sudden positive events come into question, but also small, minimal events, which close topics, which were already highly acute before longer time and had already longer hardly relevance.
As soon as I clearly understood the causal connection, the pain was psychologically much easier to bear again, as I had often experienced before.

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