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Hot flashes and sweating

Report and analysis according to the system of the 5 Biological Laws of Nature (5BL, New Medicine, GNM, German New Medicine).
2023-07-29 18:35:00
Report by:
Petra Friedrich
The report is about About a client / patient of me
Gender Female
Age 43 years (at the time of the symptoms / disease)
Handedness Right
Additional methods


Could it be that I am premenopausal?


Patient asks me: Hello Petra, is this normal I sometimes get real sweats. Can this be related to menopause.

I ask: what are your days doing? Are they regular and the same as always?

Answer: Are actually regular times they come a day earlier and they are the same as always.

With that, I'll rule out the menopause for myself and ask further:

In what situations do you break out in a sweat?

Answer: Mostly when it's quite warm like today and sometimes when I've been drinking coffee.

That doesn't give me any concrete clues. The question of how long this has been going on is answered with about 2 months.

I ask further: Has anything changed in your relationship as a couple?

What do you mean?

As I write it.... anything else?

I don't know how to say it, he's different to me. How different?

Can't really describe it

Give it a try.

You know what he can be like.....

he and I and you and he are 2 pairs of shoes - so how would you describe it?

He is, let's put it bluntly, more affectionate to me than he used to be, how should I put it, irritability or something like that. No idea

That's nice and that explains your sweating.

What do you mean now.

It is a healing reaction of the dermis. If you have always longed for more closeness (possibly also subconsciously), then when you finally get what you are longing for, you get a healing reaction of the dermis with sweating. During menopause, women who have always longed for more closeness start sweating, because the hormonal balance switches to less feminine during the change. Then closeness is no longer so important. This is the "cure", you don't need the closeness anymore, and the dermis breaks out in a sweat.

Conclusion about the patient:

So cuddle a lot, then you save yourself the annoying sweats in turn

Demand today:

Hi, what are your hot flashes doing?

I don't have any more.....

Despite the existing new closeness to the partner.

PS: In response to Ingmar's inquiry as to whether I am sure about the dermis: I mean, we discussed this in biological decoding, the sweat glands are sclera. There may also be 2 SBSes at play: the dermis, which makes sweat, and the hot flush from the ectoderm - the component of touch, skin contact?

Ingmar continues: I only know the hot flashes from the thalamic SBS ("having no way out"). And the explanation why this often occurs during menopause, because then the woman can no longer have children and this becomes biologically irreversible (and perhaps unconsciously there was still a possible desire to have children).

Even the thalamic SBS is exciting with the topic of having no way out. Relationship with husband and child. Staying together because of the child - can be perceived as a conflict with no way out. The child is out of the house and the man turns his attention to his partner again. Conflict resolution? Feel free to send me contributions to the discussion. I can be found in the list of therapists.

Report translated by: Monique Hetfeld

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