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Pancreatic cancer and how I survived it - with the new medicine

Report and analysis according to the system of the 5 Biological Laws of Nature (5BL, New Medicine, GNM, German New Medicine).
Diagnoses Pancreas Cancer. 3*4*6 cm
The report is about About a friend who wrote it
Gender Male
Handedness Right
Additional methods non
Categories Observation of several similar SBS runs, e.g. multiple identical PCL phases (thereby validation of the cause)
Moderate to severe (cancer, paralysis, seizures, heart attack, ...)


"In November 2002 I began to have upper abdominal discomfort. It was a pulling, stabbing pain. At first I mistook the pain for an upset stomach and tried to do my work as usual. But within a few days the problems increased..." This report was first published by Johannes F. Mandt on the website of the Kopernikus e.V. association.


Field report by Johannes F. Mandt on "Pancreatic cancer and how I survived it"
This report was first published by Johannes F. Mandt on the website of the Kopernikus e.V. association, an association of Benedikt Zeitner and Nicolas Barro

Diagnosis: pancreas approx. 3*4*6 cm

Therapy: New medicine

First onset of the symptom: In November 2002 I started having upper abdominal pain. It was a pulling, stabbing pain. At first I mistook the pain for an upset stomach. and tried to get my work done as usual. But within a few days the problems increased. I felt a burning in my stomach. Symptoms varied in severity.
In general, I enjoyed plenty of good food, as my scales sometimes documented with 105 kilograms and a height of 182 cm. Now, in the run-up to Christmas, some celebrations with sumptuous food were announced. No matter how tasty the goose legs looked, I only got a few bites. The smell of roasting already triggers nausea. And if I did eat something, I would get diarrhea or throw up
In the early years, I used to bake Christmas cookies with my children. That also failed.
The stomach pains got worse and worse until Christmas. There was also sensitivity to pressure. I couldn't even endure the slight pressure of the elastic of the pajama bottoms. I had to hold the waistband of my pants away from my stomach with both hands.
I have had cold hands and feet since the beginning of December. The cold was very unusual. It was the usual bad weather here in the Rhineland at this time of year. If I used to come home cold and soaked, a hot toddy and hot water bottle would warm me up in no time. This cold came from within. My whole body shivered. The heating was on full blast. It was definitely 25 °C in the apartment. Even in bed with a hot-water bottle there was no pleasant warmth to be felt. Even after a walk, my feet were freezing cold after a few minutes.
I could hardly sleep. I only slept two-three hours a night. Still, I wasn't overtired. If the pain subsided temporarily, I was highly productive.
Course: Very painful in the upper abdomen, sensitive to pressure, vomiting, diarrhea, sensation of cold hands and feet, from mid-January 2003 the symptoms eased, extremities warm
First diagnosis: January 2003
Diagnosis: Report (Appendix): "Evidence of a lobulated septate cystoid process inside, which develops caudally from the uncinate process of the pancreas dorsal to the superior mesenteric vein. The entire process shows a cranio-caudal extension of approx. 6 cm, a transversal one Diameter of 4 cm and a sagittal diameter of about 3 cm. The largest cysts of the process have a maximum diameter of about 2 cm.........
In summary: evidence of a cystoid pancreatic process dorsal to the head of the pancreas, in which the increased suspicion of a cystar carcinoma must be expressed due to the increase in the tumor marker CA 19-9."
On February 21st, 2003 I had an appointment in the hospital, with a capacity concerning the pancreas in West Germany.
Therapy suggestion: report (attachment)
"The findings and the therapeutic options were discussed in detail with the patient. We see surgical intervention with resection of the head of the pancreas as the only other possibility for clarification. For this purpose, an inpatient admission appointment was agreed with the patient for March 13, 2003."
Standard therapy after ... (Note: removed for this report!)
In English: The only solution suggested to me was an operation using the "Whipple" method. Removed while the head of the pancreas, the duodenum, the gallbladder, part of the stomach. Possibly after inspection one would have received the lymphatic system. How much of the body of the pancreas would have been preserved would also have been decided during the operation. After the operation further measures of course chemotherapy and possibly radiation.
Consequences for me: No meal without medication ( digestive juices are no longer produced. ) The chance of being diabetic after the operation is about 70%.
What are the prospects with such a diagnosis?
Chance of survival according to cancer statistics from the German Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg: 60% have died after six months and 99.4% after 5 years.
That meant: They wanted to torment and abuse me for a 0.6% chance of survival without any quality of life.
What little life I would have had left I would have spent almost exclusively in hospitals.
In the end, a successful form of therapy: When I was first suspected of having cancer (January 12, 2003), I dropped everything, canceled all appointments and worked intensively to obtain information on the Internet. I found that there were outsider methods that had much better healing results than conventional medicine.
In the night of 19.01. I found the website for the first time. What I read here was immediately clear to me, understandable, logical, comprehensible, conclusive without ifs and buts.
Looking back, I was able to identify all stages of the development of my illness, just like Dr. Hamer described them. The cause was an indigestible chunk.
Analysis according to NEW MEDICINE
Cause: indigestible chunk (financial claim in divorce dispute, experienced in isolation)
sudden and unexpected biological conflict experience DHS
from this event:
- Obsessive thinking, loss of appetite, cold sensation, highest level of activity (stress)
little need for sleep
conflict resolution. Only mentally, but very secure
Healing phase: night sweats, good appetite, daytime tiredness, headache, difficulty falling asleep, sleep only from 4 a.m
I have been separated for 8 years. My wife and three children lived in the same house. In March 2002, after the children were grown, I filed for divorce. I reckoned with a “war of roses”, had thought through all eventualities and thought I had things under control.
Since the summer, a second stressful situation has developed in the professional area.
At the end of October, I received a letter from my wife's lawyer, which included two demands that totally surprised me, caught me on the wrong foot. For a moment I couldn't think of anything else.
compulsive thinking
I have had cold hands and feet since November. A cold that came from within. Even after a walk, the feet were immediately cold again. Hot water bottle and blanket didn't help either. My appetite decreased, I didn't feel like baking during the Advent season, and the Christmas dinner didn't taste good either and was more of a torture. A few times I had to throw up after eating. I couldn't take the slightest pressure from the waistband.
For both problems, professional situation and divorce, I had worked out a solution over Christmas / New Year. I had clarified with my lawyer that the additional claims were unfounded and that there were no claims to be satisfied. And if I were to become unemployed, I would also be able to make ends meet financially.
Not only did I determine the cause of my cancer at the time of the cancer diagnosis, the course of the disease was also determined exactly as Dr. Hamer described him. My physical symptoms had improved. I had an appetite again and I liked the food. The feeling of cold was gone, my feet "glowed".
After that, I had been in the healing phase from my cancer since mid-January.
I scheduled the surgery appointment so that I could
- I was able to examine the problem and the proposed solutions for 14 days in peace with my partner
- could have a skull CT made (needed by the therapist for diagnosis)
- was able to visit a therapist of new medicine.
In the skull CT, I saw the New Medicine confirmed for myself. Hamer's hearth was on that of Dr. Hamer described and he oedematized, i.e. a further confirmation of my healing symptoms.

The therapist confirmed all my conclusions. In addition, he saw two other processes that were completed and years ago. I hadn't told him about it.
With these findings, I could only on 21.02. expending the necessary strength to reschedule the date of the operation after Carnival to 03/13/2003 (the doctors can't stand contradiction, especially not a responsible patient).
The medics tried to scare and panic me and painted the worst horror scenarios because I didn't agree to an immediate intervention. I wanted to question conventional medicine more and get certainty about the new medicine and decide on one side or the other by the time of the surgery.
The more I questioned conventional medicine, the more I realized that everything in medicine is a question of faith. All statements are based on unproven assumptions.
How clear and understandable for my scientific understanding the new medicine. It is based exclusively on biological development and facts. It's always true for everyone. Only one case could refute it.
With these findings, I have the surgery date on 13.03. not noticed.
With that I fell out of the system.
After I had canceled the surgery appointment, I discussed a ¾ hour with my former family doctor. For the first 15 minutes he just talked to me, scaring and panicking me. His mother-in-law had died of pancreatic cancer a year earlier. He couldn't have done anything for her because she would have been late for him. For me, the cancer process seems to be still in the early stages, so that I would have a good chance of living a good 10-15 years after surgery and chemo. The impairments could easily be controlled with medication: enzymes with every meal, insulin injections because of diabetes, etc. Quality of life and consequential damage were not of interest. My objection that less than 0.6% survived was ignored.
I gave him a brief presentation of the New Medicine by Dr. hamer He dismissed it as charlatanry.
He agreed that the placebo effect cannot be denied. So we obviously have mechanisms that cause self-healing.
It is incomprehensible to me why medical research does not start here. Spontaneous healings do happen, but they are far too rare, he said laconically.
Then I asked him about the conventional medical metastasis theory. I refuted him this after the statements of Dr. hamer He had no arguments. Finally, I named the Brocken conflict that his mother-in-law was ill with.
He was speechless. He looked very helpless, like a little boy who had been caught lying.
I felt absolutely safe, content and at ease.
My decision for the new medicine is correct!
Charlatanry and money-grabbing is always cited.
I had to pay all expenses out of my own pocket. After I took my annual leave, no doctor wanted to give me sick leave because I wouldn't have any therapy (operation).
Fortunately, the new medicine therapy is not expensive. So far I have used diagnostics, therapists, seminars and a visit to Dr. Hamer in Spain spent around €1,500.
If I had had the standard therapy of old medicine done, my health insurance company would have paid around €300,000 into the health system for me. Whether I would have survived would be completely irrelevant.

I am often asked: "Did you have the cancer checked again?"
Yes, on July 8, 2003 I had another tumor marker test done by my former general practitioner. It all started in January with a test result of 57.1 U/ml. I felt absolutely sure that everything was healed, I was fit. I wanted to show him: "Eh, everything you told me was nonsense."
The doctor told me the test result over the phone: “The value is now 74.9 U/ml, as expected. But they can't be operated on. If it's not already too late."
The doctor had not seen me for 6 months, no personal word, no question about my condition.
I was hit. fear arose. Was the doctor right? The value was significantly higher. Although I was firmly convinced of the new medicine, had only noticed positive things about myself, all statements by Dr. Hamer had checked the course of his own illness, felt absolutely healthy, had no complaints:
Three short sentences and the fear is there.
Luckily I was able to speak to a dear person over the phone who has personally had experience with the new medicine for 18 years. He reassured me: "The best and safest marker is one's own feelings. Our own body gives us all the clues as to whether we are healthy or sick.”
In the literature I then found something similar to tumor markers: You can also roll dice or matches, the significance is comparable.
But such a test is enough for a doctor to make me a cancer patient.
What should I get out of any check-ups if I'm healthy, fit and free of symptoms?
Citation :
There are no healthy people, they just haven't been studied enough.
Addendum 07/23/2004
I wanted copies of doctor's letters from my former family doctor, so he forced me to have the complete medical file. (He probably wanted nothing more to do with me.)
On August 12, 1998, the "tumor marker" CA 19-9 was already made. It shows a value of 60.0 U/ml. Another test on 11/29/1999 shows the value = 32.9 U/ml.
Both tests were done without my knowledge as part of a blood count. I have never been treated for any complaints. A suspicion of cancer was never expressed by my doctor.

Was there already a cancer process in 1998 that healed spontaneously?
Or did the doctor know how "reliable" the tumor markers are?
follow-up inspection
On May 18, 2006 I had my abdomen examined. I hadn't told the referring doctor or the specialist the real reason, the previous cancer.
The findings: pancreas, stomach, liver, gallbladder, intestines, kidneys, bladder, all without findings.
Ladies and gentlemen, some of you are probably thinking: That was definitely not cancer.
A spa doctor told me in 2005: "If you had come to me, I would have diagnosed pancreatitis". An oncologist wrote in his report on May 18, 2006: The cancer diagnosis must be reconsidered.
Treated, operated on, destroyed with chemo, come hell or high water, but: It can't be what shouldn't be!
I hadn't pursued my divorce any further because of cancer. After a stay at a spa in June 2005, I felt strong enough to bring the divorce and the dispute over assets to an end.
On July 13, 2006 my marriage got divorced. All assets were allocated to my wife. She was also awarded child support. A blatant misjudgment. I had lost my trust in the judiciary.
I was very angry. Despite all the knowledge about the new medicine, how easily an old disease process can flourish again, despite all conscious countermeasures, I was active in conflict again. The whole thing is completely insane. Compulsive thinking, hardly any sleep, little appetite, cold feet, everything was like 2003 before the cancer diagnosis. About four weeks after the divorce decree, the stomach ache was back. In May, the pancreas was found to be completely normal. Now I realized the cancer process was back in full swing. High time to take countermeasures.
If I kept fighting, the cancer would certainly be faster. So all I could do was accept the facts and find inner peace.
Let go!
I managed to calm down. The stomach pains went away.
In the fall of 2007, I received a will from an inheritance two years previously. I was named as an equal heir to the other co-heirs. The executor of the estate was also listed. When one of the co-heirs asked, it turned out that he had been fobbed off with a small amount. It would have given him about four times as much. I hadn't received anything.
It wasn't a particularly large amount that was due to me, but I was very annoyed.
Ice-cold feet showed me: I was active in conflict. This time I was aware of the danger. The pancreatic cancer had been reactivated. I pulled the rip cord in time before pain in my stomach forced me to let go. I refrained from suing for the inheritance.
Now I finally realized what Dr. Hamer had meant by his advice that I had to avoid any arguments about money. Otherwise the cancer of the pancreas would inevitably bloom. Because if such a process has taken place several times, the repetition always requires less impetus and the process starts with the same intensity as the first time. This is the case with all SBS (meaningful biological special programs). Also, I must not underestimate the possible impetus for a new recurrence via 'splints'.

Johannes F. Mandt
health coach
Dipl. Ing. FH
Chear of Institut für biologische Heilweisen e.V.
Rheinland-Pfalz, Deutschland

Note: The books for the experience report "... was gesund macht..." and the reprint "Bauchspeicheldrüsenkrebs und wie ich ihn überlebte" are available!
The observed pain indicates a pain from the ectoderm according to the scheme of the 20 possibilities in the system of the 5 biological laws of nature, a parallel running program.

Thanks to Johannes F. Mandt for his very personal great report!




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