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Spasm of the food tube muscles during food intake

Report and analysis according to the system of the 5 Biological Laws of Nature (5BL, New Medicine, GNM, German New Medicine).
2021-08-19 00:48:50
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Monika Anzenberger
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Case report of a boy with eating disorder: During the analysis, the therapist was able to determine the cause as dysphagia and spasm of the smooth muscles during the ingestion of solid parts of food. The first occurrence was after a meal where parts of food were stuck in the throat. With specific food changes for shorter periods of time, the boy was able to overcome the fear of another occurrence, so that he was able to eat normally again.- A case report from the internat. Congress of the A.L.B.A 2011.


Case description of A.L.B.A.(today: Ass. Saluta Aktiva Onlus), Italian study association for the research of the discovery of the system of the five biological laws of nature after the discovery and description of R.G.H., ,
presented at the Internat. Congress "The exact biological medicine ", October 14-16, 2011, Assisi.

Spasm of the food pipe musculature during food intake
Analysis according to the system of the 5 Biological Laws of Nature (5BN),
a scientific model of the synchronicity of organ, psyche and brain to cope with changing life situations with adaptation by means of ancient trained survival programs in a scheme of biphasicity:

Report of Emanuele to Andrea, a boy diagnosed with anorexia nervosa, a form of eating disorder.The boy endlessly chewed the food while eating and spit this out.
During the clinical examination, allergies and food intolerances were ruled out, hence the diagnosis.
The parents were persuaded to consult a child psychologist.

They then came to Emanuele, who analyzed from the point of view of the five biological laws of nature.
The situation where the problems with food intake had started could be elicited.
It was the lunch at the boy's confirmation. There he ate a plate of noodles. A piece got stuck in his throat. He was well behaved and tried to solve this in such a way that he would not be noticed in the process. He wanted to avoid an embarrassing situation for him. But it didn't work and the chunk initially remained stuck in his throat.
The problem was that he had difficulties in swallowing the food with spasm of the smooth muscles - he could not swallow the lumps at all. Therefore, he was always afraid of every solid piece of food he was supposed to eat and thus always experienced a new recurrence!

The esophagus activates the program, if one has already almost taken something, has already almost got; in the figurative sense a lump or also a real food lump, this however then nevertheless not gets. One does not have the lump just yet really and cannot swallow this yet.
The reason was the gift at the confirmation. He got a soccer goal that he had wished for so much. He had waited 3 years for it. In March 2008 the soccer goal had disappeared and he was promised that he would get a new one. It then took until the confirmation that he got the soccer goal. In the time before, while waiting for the new soccer goal, at some point the activation of the program of the esophageal muscles had occurred. Organically, this is not felt.
The soccer goal as a gift was now the solution for the program of the smooth esophageal muscles. The spasm is a consequence in the further course of the program in the regeneration phase. This means one comes into solution at the beginning of food intake, when the swallowing process initially works, and then the regeneration process begins. A regeneration process as the second phase of the program exists only for a period of time, where the duration is limited in time from the beginning and ends by itself if no new recurrence occurs in this period of time.

It was now necessary to create situations for the boy while eating, whereby he no longer had to perceive food as a danger.
The advice of the therapist was that for a while he should only be given food that he really wanted to eat himself. These were for this boy at that time: ice cream and yolks mixed with sugar. He had eaten this for a whole summer. Slowly he felt better, so that later he could eat normal food again without the esophageal muscle program reacting.

Case description summarized by Monika Anzenberger, congress participant,

Information on the system of the 5 Biological Laws of Nature - presentation of body reactions as adaptation mechanisms to changed life situations as well as repair mechanisms after resolution of the conflictive situation as an acquired biological survival strategy in the course of evolution:
Seminars and webinars by Nicolas Barro ( and Marco Pfister.
David Münnich, "The System of the 5 Biological Laws of Nature" Volume 1 and Volume 2,
as well as film documentation on Youtube and on DVD
Claudio Trupiano, ital. Lawyer and 5BN therapist: "Thank you Doctor Hamer".
Mark U. Pfister, 5BN-therapist, ital.technical school on the 5BN "Application manual on the five biological laws of nature".
Walter A. Posch: "Allergies - a medical error".
For introduction: Simona Cella, Marco Pfister, "Disease is something else", introductory booklet to the five biological laws of nature of the Ital. Study Association A.L.B.A. (today: Ass. Saluta Aktiva Onlus).

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