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Covid-19 (with intensive care and acute danger to life)

Report and analysis according to the system of the 5 Biological Laws of Nature (5BL, New Medicine, GNM, German New Medicine).
Diagnoses Covid-19, superinfection
The report is about About a client / patient of me
Gender Male
Age 50 years (at the time of the symptoms / disease)
Handedness Right
Additional methods
Categories Observation of a single SBS run, e.g. one PCL phase (optionally with prediction of PCL duration)
Moderate to severe (cancer, paralysis, seizures, heart attack, ...)


Massive symptoms in the context of the corona crisis with cause in the compulsory masking measures and orthodox medical "Covid-19" diagnosis.


The causal situation

Mr. R had the following traumatic experience as a child: during a pillow fight, a pillow was pressed on his face and he panicked for his life (fear of death) when he could not breathe. This event left its mark on him, because for example he could not dive with goggles/snorkel for the rest of his life, because this feeling of having a mask over his nose was extremely uncomfortable and frightening to him.

When in 2020 the mask obligation came in the context of the corona crisis, this was absolutely bad for him to wear it – on the one hand because of the imprinting as a child, on the other hand because he knew as a 5BN expert about the “bullshit” of the whole thing. After a one-time short mask test at the beginning with an immediate strong aversion and fear reaction, he therefore refused to put on a mask for the entire year, which, despite a doctor’s certificate, accordingly resulted in almost daily arguments and confrontations. The whole topic with the masks led on the one hand to the reactivation of the death fear felt at that time (concerning the SBS of the pulmonary alveoli), in addition to diveresen other recurrent special programs of the territoreal areas especially to a permanent, strong activation of the laryngeal SBS. The conflict content here was the “scare-fright/territorial fear” sensation of the situation as a child, which was kept active on a daily basis by the test wearing of the mask and the resulting permanent threat of having to put it on. In addition, however, also the daily fear of exclusion from circles of friends, clubs, society, … with the constant verbal attacks of the encroaching and intolerant fellow men, if he did not have a mask on.

Conflict resolution

Due to the 2nd lockdown in the fall of 2020, he could no longer pursue his passion and activity necessary for well-being, playing badminton, because most clubs had closed. He found two possible halls where he could have played, but there was no way around wearing mouth-to-nose coverings when going in and out. So he was faced with a choice: Either that was it with the “rest of life”, which was still possible, or he had to overcome with the mask.

He now pulled the scarf over his face there as a test and was able to go to sports through this sacrifice. And in the process he realized how easy his life can now become again: He just wears the mask for a few minutes in some situations, finally escaping all these restrictions, arguments and daily “shit” situations (of course, constant intestinal processes were also involved here all year).
He also became aware that he was now putting it on voluntarily and that it was only for a short time, which was thus the moment of conflict resolution of the 9-month SBS (possibly even the previously unresolved SBS from his childhood). In addition, on the same day there was a complete reconsideration of the whole Corona situation: while before he had always seen only the negative, now at a special event he was given a different perspective on the whole event, which certainly resolved other special programs since Corona crisis began.

The Conflict Resolved Phase

Of course he was aware of this resolution and now expected corresponding strong symptoms – but not what followed now:

Within a few days he developed a fever of 40.5°, was massively listless, regurgitated clear mucus minutely, which was formed in the larynx, and which also flowed into the lungs and could be heard there as gurgling. He had pain and severe tightness in the throat due to swelling of the laryngeal mucosa. Possibly the SBS of the connective tissue in the laryngeal area was also involved, since he also constantly felt a failure to communicate his opinion and views to his fellow men (“self-esteem collapse”-conflict regarding speech/voice, finding the right sounds/words).

Symptomatically could hardly swallow because of the tightness and “malfunction” in the larynx. When he tried to drink, he choked it out with the mucus that was permanently formed. Eating was also not possible because of the tightness in the throat and the difficulty in swallowing.

In addition, after a few days he coughed up yellow, green or red pieces of mucus from his lungs in addition to the clear mucus. This is the sign of the conflict resolved phase of SBS of the pulmonary alveoli, where the excess tissue is broken down and coughed up.

He has been taking ibuprofen for the pain, which has caused him to have massive liquid diarrhea on an empty stomach. Due to the severe fluid loss and at the same time not drinking and eating, he was in acute danger of death within 4 days.

Of course, with his 5BN knowledge, he wanted to avoid hospitalization at all costs, but suddenly realized that his life was at stake and he needed emergency medicine.
At the hospital, of course, he was immediately tested on “SARS-CoV-2” by PCR test and was “positive.” X-ray of his lungs revealed a diagnosis of “superinfection” (i.e. viral and bacteriall according to classical medicine). He was “lucky” that he was constantly spitting mucus, so he could not get a full mouth-nose-oxygen mask (which of course would have been horrible due to his imprinting) but was only ventilated through his nose (his oxygen uptake was of course reduced due to the pulmonary alveolar SBS and the mucus).
He came to the ICU and to the drip and could now relax despite the “tactful hints” of the doctors (“you should do exactly what we say, otherwise you are dead” / “you are the only one on the ward who is not in a coma”) – he felt in good hands as far as “keeping him alive” was concerned and, after all, he did not have to worry about “infections” and the doctors “SARS-CoV-2” fears.

So he recovered slowly because of the food supply and was finally discharged after 11 days in the hospital when, except for the massive physical weakness, his symptoms were gone and he could eat and drink again. Due to lying down for a long time, the problem of the PCLB phase was now the circulation, which allowed only minimal attempts to walk etc. for the next few days. It took another 3 weeks until he was able to live “normally” again.

Note on loss of sense of smell and taste

Even though he was listed as a Covid-19 case and thus a “dreaded” near-death case, from a 5BN perspective here one understands by example how such dramatic courses can occur and that there is a separate, individual story behind each – and not a “contagion” or “malignant virus”. Also, his symptoms were not typical: For example, he had no impairment of the sense of smell and taste.
Our theory on this symptom peculiarity is as follows:

Most people have been in fear of potential infection since the “pandemic” began. That is, they have the SBS of the nasal mucosa and olfactory ability permanently active, with which they try to scent the “invisible danger” that could come from anyone – to avoid a believed “contagion”. If they overcome this fear someday or now get “ill”, receive positive test or the diagnosis Covid-19, this SBS goes into resolution, because now they do not need to smell the danger (they already have the “infection”). As a result, this SBS, which has been massively active for months, goes into resolution, leading to a complete loss of function due to the swelling of the brain in the relais – which often lasts only a few weeks, but sometimes even much longer.
In this case, of course, Mr. R had no concern of “infection” at any time and thus this SBS was not active – which is why he had no limitations in this regard.
(The sense of taste is partially coupled with the sense of smell, which is why this is also automatically always restricted).

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