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Program of salivary glands - dry mouth

Report and analysis according to the system of the 5 Biological Laws of Nature (5BL, New Medicine, GNM, German New Medicine).
The report is about About a client / patient of me
Gender Female
Handedness Right
Additional methods
Categories Observation of a single SBS run, e.g. one PCL phase (optionally with prediction of PCL duration)
Small to medium (sore throat, lumbago, sudden hearing loss, allergies, ...)


On a day in May 2022 early in the evening, a client noticed that her mouth seemed particularly dry in the front area by the tongue, below the tongue area and to the side of it. This dryness lasted for a few hours and did not go away during this time even by drinking fluids. Only dryness was noticeable, no redness or other symptoms in the mouth area.


Salivary glands in the mouth area: to be able to better salivate a morsel that one wants to take. Or to get rid of a morsel that one has almost taken, and to be able to salivate it better in order to transport it out. Control relays in the brain stem, one each on the left and right side of the brain. Thus program course after old brain course with function increase in active phase with increased saliva production as well as function reduction up to function failure in the conflict-solved phase. With long-lasting duration, corresponding tissue cell change also occurs.
"Morsel" stands here as a metaphor for wanting to take in something absolutely necessary: Control relay on the right side of the brain stem and affected body part right side. Or to want to get rid of something dangerous at all costs: Control relay on the left brain stem side, affected body part left side.

On a day in May 2022 early in the evening a client noticed that the mouth seemed particularly dry in the front area near the tongue, below the tongue area and to the side of it. This dryness lasted for a few hours and did not go away during that time even with drinking fluids. Only dryness was noticeable, no redness or other symptoms in the mouth area.

Thus, the program of salivary glands after resolution in conflict resolved phase, pcl-A phase, was detected and it was bilateral.
With the decrease in function in conflict resolved phase, "healing phase", less saliva had been produced.
The next question was to clarify what or which morsel could be appropriated, which it was not possible to appropriate before. As well as, since clearly noticeable and also so described both sides were concerned: which morsel should be got rid of absolutely and was gotten rid of.

The one morsel, which should be taken up absolutely, was found fast:
It was about an appointment. In the late afternoon on this day, so about 16:00 o'clock, an appointment could be fixed; to agree upon this date was not possible before approximately two days, since fully booked.
This circumstance that no date agreement was possible, had in the feeling and in thoughts occupied, uneasiness caused, so quasi the date search had "wormed, annoyed". With this appointment was connected a clarification and/or a change of a certain life situation, which should be settled by a certain time in the middle of June. The content of this situation is incidental and not relevant for this report.
The essential for this situation with the activation and solution of the program was alone the appointment fixing, the agreement of an appointment. According to the client, only this appointment would have clarified a certain situation.

So far, so good. But this dryness in the mouth was clearly noticeable in the entire lower area of the mouth, i.e. left and right side. With it the search for a morsel, which was also got rid of, has begun. At first, the client could not remember. That was the circumstance that among other things the one morsel in relation to admission, appropriation, at this time nevertheless clearly in the feeling and in thoughts had occupied.
The second morsel had been of much shorter duration, but much more intense in the feeling; according to the description of the client. She had also had this already completely displaced in her thoughts, until I inquired. A noodle salad, ready prepared in a take-away box from a grocery store. This pasta salad contained a small solid ingredient, which the client first felt in her mouth. What it was exactly, she could not determine. Probably a very hard component of a vegetable part, which is normally cut away, removed. In this case, this small part was still there. She felt she had to be careful of her teeth when biting on this part. She tried to get this hard part out of her mouth, which was not successful at first. The part got stuck on a tooth or between two teeth. So she tried to get it out with her tongue. This was of short duration, but felt particularly intense. After a few minutes, it was possible to get the part out.
In terms of time, this had already happened at least an hour before the solution of the second morsel fall. The dryness in her mouth, probably due to other stress, was noticed only in the early evening. This dryness was completely gone the next day.
This area was analyzed for a better understanding of the client to the system of the 5 biological laws of nature.

Case description by Monika Anzenberger

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