Part 6 – The Tissue Types

Part 6 – The Tissue Types

This section identifies the 3 basic tissue types and associates each with a specific SBS.
Here are the references and sources:

1) Fundamentals of the 3rd Biological Law of Nature and the development of the trilaminar germ disc from embryology:
2) More details about the endoderm (german)
3) More details about the old mesoderm (german)
4) More details about the new mesoderm (german)
5) More details about the ektoderm (german)
=> Some of the informations of reference 2-5 in english
6) Information on natural, self-determined birthing (with hypnobirthing), many reports and our own birth report (german) of our first and second (follows soon…) child in the birth house Idstein with this method

5 Biological Laws of Nature

German New Medicine, Germanic New Medicine, Dr. Hamer, 5BN, GNM, 5BL, 5 Natural Laws of Biology

On this page you will find an introductory video series on the New Medicine’s 5 Natural Laws of Biology (5BN), which are also known as German New Medicine (GNM).
The biological laws were discovered by Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer.